Agh health

the German warlord/architect/terrorist The genius technician and proud stache spinner of the Lost Rebels, Agh comes from a six-generations-long lineage of industrialist warlords, troubleshooting engineers and stereotypically-accented brewers. Born with a knack for all things mechanical, he constructed his first sentry gun at the age of five out of a box of legos and by the time he was twelve he had already received his first degree in Area Denial Technologies. After pretty much having outsmarted the entire northern-european community with his contraptions*, he almost immediately joined the Lost Rebels to further test his machines, and to learn some bio-engineering, which in turn gave him a new android sidekick. Think of him as Dexter if he wasn't faking out his accent. Don't call him an "evil genius" though, his moustache's dad died because of one and the last thing we want is angering the facial hair of the guy who keeps our flushing system repaired. *According to the local authorities, "plowing the brains out of a person with bullets" is considered "outsmarting" in some Hamburg dialects.

  • Affiliation: RED
  • Likes: designing architecture, arms dealing
  • Dislikes: people who think he's a villain
(AcidLead): I know I've seen that rocket turret before... Where? God, I can't remember but I'm so sure... anyways I better scram before he shoots me or worse.


HP: 140 Run Power: 1.0 M1: Shotgun (4x8 damage) M2: Build Menu 1) Build/Destroy Happy Sentry 2) Build/Destroy Rocket Sentry Taunt to heal 20 hp for your Happy Sentry from anywhere.


Agh makes up for his relative lack of mobility with top-class defensive lockdown capabilities. Use your Happy Sentry to protect your Rocket Sentry, as it can be healed up. Agh is also a better Constructor than the Constructor is; it's a bit more effective to use him in a direct combat role.

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