Anna health

Like a delicate white rose, Anna is the fine detogal of the battlefield: gracious, but more than capable of stinging offenders. Unlike a delicate rose, her thorns are actually explosives. Unlike normal explosives, they explode into nitroglycerinous roses. Her botanic and demochemical knowledge make her a fearsome opponent - getting to be a Lost Rebel is not a mere walk in the park, y'know. Unless the grass is also explosive.

  • Affiliation: RED
  • Likes: cats, MMOs
  • Dislikes: public places, loud people
(AcidLead): Something about that... person makes my skin crawl. I dunno. Quite friendly, and a powerful fighter. I guess it's just one of those random irrational phobias. I have a lot of those.


HP: 120 Run Power: 1.01 M1: Sakura Mine (~40 - 70 damage depending on sakura leaves) - explosions create sakura leaves Down+M1: Petal Shotgun (~24 damage) -launches you slightly in the opposite direction M2: Detonate Mines Down+M2 while you have no mines out creates an orbiting gradius mine (25 damage) Stickyjumps only do 3/4th of the damage to yourself.


Same as regular detonator, except on steroids. The gradius mine protects you from very close range encounters versus characters like Xan Kriegor, E. Honda, and Saniman.

Red Team
RebelINS, Iji, Techno Viking, Vein, Psychopath, Anna, Agh, Snare, Slain, z4 Giraffe
Blue Team
Bo Jackson, Meower, Sorceress, E. Honda, Xan Kriegor, Drool Warrior, Mojo Jojo, Maiden in Black, Commander Shepard, Saniman
Marine, Samus Aran, Rosie Stark, Richter Belmont, Dhalsim, Dr. Doom, Vault Boy, Chryssalid, Dante