Bojackson health

Having spent his last years recalling his glory days, former legendary athlete Bo Jackson simply did the most logical thing any super sportsman would do: secretly hire and beat a hooker, then join an army of merciless gunmen to cover for his past crimes. Though older than the average mercenary, he keeps referring his age as "experience", which consequently uses to flow through wave after wave of enemies, grabbing briefcases and points only to rub his results into everyone's face - quite literally. Still has some problems grasping the concept of "shooting" somebody.

  • Affiliation: BLU
  • Likes: the feeling of the wind blowing into his helmet, winning
  • Dislikes: penalty kicks, reloading
(AcidLead): This man is amazing. I could see my higher-ups contracting him in a heartbeat. Look at him run, that huge intel doesn't even slow him up. We could rush the CVC bases or take out every MEL transmitter... I shouldn't get ahead of myself, I need to size up his agent first... FOR A PINE CASKET.


HP: 100 Run Power: 1.8 His Run Power actually ramps down slightly depending on his current hitpoints. if hp/maxHp >0.15 runPower = min(1.8,1.8*hp/maxHp+1.13); else runPower=1.4; If he's at 50% or lower, his run power will be 1.4 (same as the Runner). M1: Stiff Arm (36 damage). Has a fairly high knockback on hit. Bo Jackson holds out his stiff arm for a bit, so you can afford to attack slightly early, then run into the enemy. Down+M1: Truck Hit (18 damage). Has a very high upwards knockback. Puts the enemy in rocket juggle state. M2: Spin Move - dodges most projectiles


Get dat intel and dodge incoming fire. Throughout the many beta builds, Bo Jackson has moved away from an insanely powerful intel grabber, to a more versatile, melee fighter. You can no longer rely strictly on his extreme speed to get easy caps. But he still has that ability to put the whole team on his back.

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