SNIPER -- Only ONE OTHER CLASS on Blue team has the ability to use a scope view.

FIREBUG -- Only ONE OTHER CLASS on Red team has the ability to put out as much flame, useful for giving away spy-likes. Also, no Blu class has the ability to reflect projectiles.

HEALER -- A ranged approach to self-defense may be preferable in some situations to Drool Warrior.

All other GG2 classes are outmoded by one or more classes PER TEAM similar to but greater than themselves.

Specifically, if you wanted to play one of the vanilla classes below, choose the specified INSmod classes instead:

RUNNER: RebelINS on RED, Meower on BLU. Bo Jackson serves a similar purpose, but his firepower is ultimately inferior to Meower's and he doesn't count as two people. As with many classes, Vault Boy can serve as a scout sometimes if his stats are just so.

ROCKETMAN: A large variety of INSmod classes shoot projectiles that explode. Straight up, Techno Viking is a more perfect soldier, and Samus can serve much of the same purpose for both teams.

OVERWEIGHT: Like Techno Viking is to Rocketman, so Vein is to Overweight. E. Honda serves as the better heavy for BLU, and almost all rapidfire weapons in INSmod seem to bear a passable resemblance in function and strategy to the minigun.

DETONATOR: Anna is the Lost Rebels Deto replacement; Xan will just have to do for BLU even though he can't lay traps. A good deal of projectiles in INSmod do arc and in this are similar; while few are plantable traps, this may or may not make them stronger.

CONSTRUCTOR: Agh puts the basic engineer to shame, and Mojo Jojo is the BLU team answer to construction.

INFILTRATOR: Both Saniman on BLU and Snare on RED do the spy bit and more. Chryssalid can also fill the bill for both teams.

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