This damage per second (DPS) chart takes into account your fire rate and damage dealt. Very strong weapons with long reload times will have low DPS, like Iji's Plasma Cannon. It will always assume that you hit with all shots if there are multiple shots fired. Characters like Dante, have ways to increase their DPS via various gun and roll cancels.

Class: Weapon: DPS:
E. Honda Hundred Hand Slap 135
Vein Minigun 120
Maiden in Black Soul Sucker (Soul form) 120
Xan Kriegor Flak Secondary 95
Mojo Jojo Mech Rocket Punch 93.75
z4 Giraffe (Iji) Pulse Cannon 90
Samus Aran Super Missile 81.25
Chryssalid Claw Attack 80
Marine C-14 Rifle (stimpacked) ~80
Rosie Stark Shocktrooper Rifle ~80
Xan Kriegor Flak Primary 75
Psychopath Mediflamer ~75
Mojo Jojo Mech Laser Eyes ~74.4

Techno Viking

Thor's Hammer ~70
Meower Soccer Ball ~70
Anna Sunbreeze ~68.9
Richter Belmont Whip 66.67
RebelINS Scattergun 65.45
Richter Belmont Axe 65.45
z4 Giraffe (Vein) Uno Card (Green) 64.29
Iji Shotgun 64
Slain Shock Secondary 63.5
Drool Warrior Sword 63
Meower Knives Chau 60
Maiden in Black Soul Sucker (Human form) 60
Saniman Flamebreath 60
Samus Aran Power Beam (uncharged) 60
Dr. Doom Photon Array 60
E. Honda Sumo Headbutt 57.5
Vault Boy Gauss Rifle ~57.27
Marine C-14 Rifle (regular) ~56
Vault Boy
Combat Shotgun ~54.78
Agh Shotgun 53.33
Vault Boy
Winchester P94 52.86
Meower Kick 52
Snare Toaster 50
Commander Shepard Tempest SMG ~50
Bo Jackson Stiff Arm 49
Vault Boy Super Sledge 48.75
Samus Aran Power Beam (fully charged) 48.53
Vault Boy Baseball Bat 48.33
Agh Happy Sentry 48
Slain Shock Primary


Meower Slide Tackle 45
Mojo Jojo Laser Blaster 45
Commander Shepard Widow (max cloak charge) 45
Samus Aran Power Beam (mid charge) 45
Vault Boy Thermic Lance ~43.38
Samus Aran Morph Bomb 42.86
Dr. Doom Molecular Shield 42.67
Vault Boy Lead Pipe ~41.25
Dante Three Hit Slash Combo 40.47
Dante Artemis (uncharged) 40.38
Commander Shepard Widow (max uncloak charge) 40
Dante Ebony & Ivory 40
z4 Giraffe (Vein) Uno Card (Blue) 39.23
Richter Belmont Holy Water 38.68
Dr. Doom Blaster Gun 38.4
z4 Giraffe (Vein) Uno Card (Red) 37.5
Sorceress Fireball 37.5
Maiden in Black God's Wrath (Human form) 36
Richter Belmont Dagger 36
Maiden in Black Soul Ray (Human form) 35.63
Vault Boy
Hunting Rifle 35.45
Dhalsim Yoga Fire 35.29
Dante Inferno Launcher 33.33
z4 Giraffe (Rebel) Smoke Bomb 32.14
Dhalsim Stretch Punch 32
Agh Rocket Sentry 31.25
Samus Aran Missile 31.25
z4 Giraffe (Vein) Uno Card (Yellow) 30
Maiden in Black Soul Ray (Soul form) 30
Vault Boy Knife ~30
z4 Giraffe (Viking) Lightning Mine ~28.85
Sorceress Blizzard ~28.13
Dhalsim Drill Kick ~27
Dante Grenadegun 26.25
Dante Stinger 25.71
Richter Belmont Cross ~25.26
Rosie Stark B-Type Grenade 24
Anna Petal Shotgun 22.5
Iji Plasma Cannon ~22.4
Techno Viking Techno Strike (rocketjump) 21.6
Maiden in Black God's Wrath (Soul form ~20.4
Vault Boy Pistol ~20
Commander Shepard Concussive Shot 13.33
Techno Viking Techno Strike 12
z4 Giraffe (Iji) Resonance Detonator 10

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