Reddante health

Half human/demon hybrid. Hunts the demons that killed his mother. Doesn't give a fuck.

  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Likes: pizza, guitars, strawberry sundaes
  • Dislikes: corrupted demons
(AcidLead): I think this guy has great flair. Not so sure about his actual power rating though. Or maybe I'm just biased. I mean, he has a secret power, sure, but I've worked with plenty of those types before. It doesn't guarantee success. Sigh.


HP: 125 Run Power: 1.09 (1.15 while devil trigger) M1: Fire arms Ebony & Ivory: 4 damage per shot (5 damage while in devil trigger), must tap rapidly to fire. Grenadegun: 35 damage (40 while in devil trigger). Has a long reload time, but you can cancel that with a roll. Artemis: Uncharged shot does 35 damage (40 while in devil trigger), mid-charge shoots out two orbs that shoots out a hitscan laser at nearby targets (12 damage per; 16 while in devil trigger), and max charge shoots out four orbs. M2: Demon arms Neutral M2: Three hit sword slash combo (12/18/28 damage; 15/22/34 while in devil trigger). Each sword slash can be canceled into the subsequent slash, going from light -> medium -> heavy Down + M2 (on the ground): Inferno Launcher. (20 damage; 24 while in devil trigger). Knocks the opponent upwards with a moderate amount of hitstun. This allows you to follow up your launcher with additional hits. Down + M2 (in the air): Helm Breaker. (36 damage; 45 while in devil trigger). Thrusts yourself downward. You cannot cancel this attack until after you hit the ground. Use this attack as an aerial combo ender. Forward + M2 (on the ground): Stinger (24 damage; 30 while in devil trigger). Thrusts yourself forward Forward + Space: Roll. You can cancel your three hit string, launcher or stinger into a roll. You can also cancel your reload time for your fire arms with a roll. Q: Activate/deactivate devil trigger. You must have at least 3 full runes in order to activate. Devil trigger gives you increased run power, 3 hp/sec regeneration, and increased damage output.


Dante has the versatility to combat the weakness of any class in the game. Against close range classes like E. Honda, Marine, or Chryssalid, he can use his ranged attacks and roll to keep them at bay. Against long range classes like Commander Shepard, or Dr. Doom, he can get in close and use his melee attacks. In most cases, you will find success in mixing up your approaches.

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