Dhalsim health

Yoga master YOGA YOGA YOGA YOGA Dhalsim flowchart: (meditate)->(destroy you)

  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Likes: meditation, nature
  • Dislikes: chaos
(AcidLead): This is the third time this week I've had to fix the respawn computers because this Dhalsim guy just puts them through hell, worse than any of the other elite mercenary types hereabouts. How do the Lost Rebels expect to keep up the good fight if they run out of troops? On a side note, I'm not actually qualified to fix respawn computers.


HP: 125 Run Power: 0.8 M1: Yoga Fire (~35 dmg + afterburn) - slow moving flame projectile with low explosion radius Down+M1: Yoga Teleport - teleports a short distance to the left or right (depending on what direction you're moving towards) M2: Stretch arm (36 damage) - Cannot intersect with platforms or walls Down + M2: Drill Kick (36 damage) - can only aim from 180 to 360 degrees downwards while mid-air


Dhalsim is a slower paced, more deliberate class that has tools for different situations. He's very good at keeping close range characters out with well placed yoga fires and melee attacks. Therefore, he is a good support class behind another combo piece, because of his infinite ammunition, decent range, and decent health.

Red Team
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Blue Team
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