Reddoom health

Victor Von Doom, aka the genius ruler of latveria, nemesis of dr. richards, and ultimate bad-ass. Can talk in caps, apparently.

  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Likes: ruling Latveria, diabolical machinations
  • Dislikes: Dr. Richards
(AcidLead): So if it's not a robot, but a guy exposed to some kind of cosmic rays, how the hell is he still alive? I mean, I've seen robots get fried by cosmic rays. I just don't get it. Does this mean he's immune to crasers too? Not that there's much point to that question, but...


HP: 160 Run Power: 0.85 (1.3 while flying) M1: Plasma Beam (8x4 damage) - costs 10 energy - shoots in a straight beam from where you fired Down + M1 (while on ground): Molecular shield (8x8 damage) - each rock can go through and destroy most projectiles Down + M1 (while mid-air): Photon Array (7x10x2 damage) - fires in a spread arc downwards M2: Fly/Unfly


Doom is an excellent tank/keep-away class. His damage output isn't great, but he can create angles that are difficult to retaliate from.

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