Honda health

sumo wrestling super powers A lifetime spent entering illegal street fights to widespread Sumo as world's raddest sport ever hasn't been too keen on Honda's savings. Cornered by his dojo's financial debts and the unforgiving Japanese prosecution guild (but not by the very forgiving and always ready for some beating Japanese policemen), Honda was facing little to no possible good solutions. In the end, he ultimately decided to avoid brawling with the judges like any respectable sumo wrestler would have done, but rather take the hard approach to the problem by signing up as a mercenary working for a secret organization and smacking other gun-armed mercenaries for fun and profit. If you're wondering why he doesn't carry any gun, it's because of some sumo moral code thing we're still scratching our heads over.

  • Affiliation: BLU
  • Likes: sumo wrestling, dealing chip damage, corner pressure
  • Dislikes: fireballs, wake up reversals
(AcidLead): This guy is like a war - butt ugly, and he never stops until everyone's dead.


HP: 200 Run Power 0.8 (0.3 while holding M1) M1: Hundred Hand Slaps (18 per slap, ~135 dps) M2: Sumo Headbutt (45 damage) - cannot aim past 45 or 135 degrees absolute


Get in close with Sumo Headbutt, and finish them off with HHS.

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