Iji health

Iji is one of the few Humans left on Earth after the Tasen wipe most of them out with a powerful concentrated orbital strike - however Iji doesn't realize until later that the Tasen aren't the worst threat. Her abilities come from a small group of scientists reverse-engineering the Tasen Nanofield technology and giving Iji a potent self-modifying Nanogun.

  • Affiliation: RED
  • Likes: peaceful times, family
  • Dislikes: unprovoked fights
(AcidLead): I'd almost feel sorry for Iji, but I really don't know her story too well. Was she violent or peaceful? Meek or powerful? Exploratory or direct? It's a mystery to me. Also, why is it always Earth that gets blown up in these alternate existences...


HP: 140 Run Power: 0.9 Jump Strength: 12 M1: Shotgun (8x8 damage). It has better spread and range than in Iji's home game, but isn't hitscan. That being said, it's a decent shotgun in most aspects except rate of fire. M2: Plasma Cannon. This weapon has been modified to shoot through walls (for the sake of simplicity). It hits everyone in a line, so use it to support against a thick onslaught. Unlike the shotgun, it does not drop over range. Down+M2: Resonance Reflector. Reflects certain projectiles; which ones it affects you must learn yourself. They are reflected in the direction they arrived from.


Iji has a very strong handicap: SHE PLAYS A LOT LIKE IN HER HOME GAME. This is also an advantage too. Since the Shotgun only fires horizontally, you need to use Iji's precision jumping powers to level with the opposition. Also, since there is no way to aim down, high ground is NOT the proverbial high ground for Iji. Lastly, since Iji has poor rate of fire, avoid direct confrontation; Iji makes a great supporter for any assault but performs poorly alone.

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