Psycho health

The young Psychopath has always been torn between his two favorite pastimes: setting everything and everyone on fire and subsequently healing his victims with rudimentary band aids out of pure unfiltered insanity. The vicious cycle kept on going for 5 long years, until his studies at the Garrison Academy for Fiery and Medical Geniuses enabled him to construct himself a weapon that could satisfy both his cravings, with much relief from his fellow colleagues, his family members and the respective insurance companies.

  • Affiliation: RED
  • Likes: multitasking, the smell of barbecue
  • Dislikes: making up his mind, furniture shops
(AcidLead): Actually, he propagates his own buisness - pretty intelligent if you consider it. If he was ever out of a job he could just cook someone and then heal them. I should suggest this to the Consumer Market Creation Division. We could have shops for guys like Psycho up in a week, no less.


HP: 120 Run Power: 1.1 M1: Heal Target M2: Flamethrower Down+M2: Airblast M1+M2: Ubercharge (when fully charged) Auto-regenerates 5 hp/sec


As one of the few Firebug-themed classes added to INSmod, and considering the effectiveness of Infiltrator-based INSmod classes, AND considering the Healer should never be left at home, Psychopath is an almost required presence on the battlefield. Tactics aren't that hard; just be more aggressive than a normal Healer and don't forget you aren't a Firebug.

Red Team
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Blue Team
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