Team RED is a secret organization, sussidiary of the Rebel INS INC. After the great wars between Reliable Excavation and Demolition and Builders League United finished with the latter barely overcoming the former, Blutarch Mann had achieved supreme world domination. It didn't take much time before the clichè over-the-top action scene between embezzlers and MIBs took down both the founder of the organisation and the whole company itself.

Hailing from every corner of the world, if not the galaxy itself, an unidentified man, who many associate to a sort of secret government agent, acquired what was left of the old RED relocating its assets into a dark mesa-like plain with the purpose of gathering the most powerful, intelligent or economical mercenaries to prevent a full scale invasion by team BLU.

Although the Lost Rebels are the team's most prepared and powerful bunch of veterans, the company frequently hires other neutral mercenaries to ensure an easy victory. The only requirement the association enforces is to wear or appear to be spotting a red hue on cloths or hide or fur, in order to facilitate team-mates recognition on the battlefield.