Rebel health

black and cool guy; likes fried chicken The charismatic, athletic, self-proclaimed "Do-All" leader and founder of the Lost Rebels, RebelINS is the perfect match of brains, brawns, browns and John Browning's. When he's not occupied into showing everyone on the battlefield who is the boss around here, he practices his gymnastics 24/7, save for the times when he takes part to a multitude of scientific experiments with his fellow men. Overall, he's a team player who gives 110% in and out of the warzones without giving up on some stylish combos.

  • Affiliation: RED
  • Likes: fried chicken, white girls, art
  • Dislikes: police, arrogance
(AcidLead): RebelINS. He hits the streets WITH HIS GUN. Hee, hee, hee. Okay no seriously it was just that one joke-


HP: 120 Run Power: 1.4 M1: Scattergun (6 x 8 damage). It's more rapidfire and accurate than the Runner's, but otherwise similar. It's also mo blacker than dat cracker. M2: Charge (costs 40 energy). Be aware that this is done in the direction aimed, but also is affected by the current velocity; if you're falling, don't expect it to work as a boost in much of another direction but at the ground. Can double jump. Wall jump by double jumping and holding against a wall after a double jump.


Use superior mobility for offense, and defense. Rebel is very good at mid-long range harassment using momentum shots. Get up close to deal maximum dps. M2 + jump at the same time will send you flying high in the sky.

Red Team
RebelINS, Iji, Techno Viking, Vein, Psychopath, Anna, Agh, Snare, Slain, z4 Giraffe
Blue Team
Bo Jackson, Meower, Sorceress, E. Honda, Xan Kriegor, Drool Warrior, Mojo Jojo, Maiden in Black, Commander Shepard, Saniman
Marine, Samus Aran, Rosie Stark, Richter Belmont, Dhalsim, Dr. Doom, Vault Boy, Chryssalid, Dante