Bluerichter health

from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. One of the strongest Belmonts of their entire lineage.

  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Likes: Annette, justice
  • Dislikes: Dracula
(AcidLead): I like to see a warrior skilled in many types of weapons. It's not a sign of inability to make up one's mind so much as the ability to come up to any kind of challenge.


HP: 140 Hearts: 40 Run Power: 1.01 M1: Whip (40 damage) - melee range, but extends slightly Down+M1: Slide Kick (20 damage) M2: Use Sub-Weapon 1-4: Change Sub-Weapon - Dagger (10 damage; costs 3 hearts) - Axe (48 damage; costs 5 hearts) - Holy Water (20 explosion damage + spawns flame trail) - Cross (14 damage per hit; costs 7 hearts)


Switch up your weapon depending on the situation. Use daggers for longer range encounters, in tight hallways, and for finishing off retreating foes. Use the axe when you have plenty of space to aim it. Holy water is great against multiple foes in a bunch. The cross is a good general go-to weapon, but watch out for the ammo consumption.

Red Team
RebelINS, Iji, Techno Viking, Vein, Psychopath, Anna, Agh, Snare, Slain, z4 Giraffe
Blue Team
Bo Jackson, Meower, Sorceress, E. Honda, Xan Kriegor, Drool Warrior, Mojo Jojo, Maiden in Black, Commander Shepard, Saniman
Marine, Samus Aran, Rosie Stark, Richter Belmont, Dhalsim, Dr. Doom, Vault Boy, Chryssalid, Dante