Redsamus health

Left an orphan after a Space Pirate attack on space colony K-2L, a very young Samus Aran is rescued and raised by the birdlike Chozo race and later given a Power Suit for protection in combat as she pursues Galactic Federation bounties against the Space Pirates.

  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Likes: Chozo, powerups, exploration
  • Dislikes: space pirates, aggressive alien life forms
(AcidLead): Why is Samus here? It's unlikely it has to do with the Smash portal, which as far as I've been told is never given to malfunctions. It's totally possible that the destruction of Zebes has created a ghost-like rift hole that somehow tunneled through to here. Whatever it is, it may not even warp this way predictably. Also, I doubt Samus really knows what she is fighting for in the Lost Rebel tiers. Good thing too. (Saniman): This metal man is too hard to eat. It moves too quickly as well. However, I am quite interested in it's ability to reduce to bite-size. If only it didn't move before I could bite it.


HP: 125 Run Power: 0.98 (1.3 while in morph ball mode) M1: Press rapidly for small, weak Power Beam shots. Rate of fire is excellent. Hold down the trigger to begin charging a shot, which will draw in health or ammunition energy as well... too bad there isn't any around. Release a fully charged shot to create a large, fairly strong shot which also goes farther than the normal shots and faster than the Missiles. M2: Press to fire a Missile. These have a small area of effect and are fairly strong but travel slowly. If a Charge Beam shot is prepared, depress and hold the Missile trigger and release the primary trigger to fire a Super Missile, which has much better damage but costs five missiles. Other Notes: Samus is given the Space Jump technique, and can perfom a second jump in midair. Additionally, press Down (default S) to use the Morphball technique, increasing speed and allowing you to plant Bombs with the primary trigger. Yes, you can infinite bomb jump. It should go without saying that Samus has always mastered a wall-jumping technique and can use it here too.


Because of Samus's great air mobility and decent land speed (esp. when Morphball) it might seem flag captures would be her specialty; however, compared to more Runner-like characters such as Bo Jackson or mobility-hack characters like Saniman, Samus isn't the best for getting the intel. Samus's best trait is even balance coupled with a wide variety of attacks; since Samus is not only decently maneuverable but also fairly strong, she can pressure the opposition for extended periods of time. Additionally, if you can abuse the Morphball right, it could well double your lifespan!

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