Slain health

Slain is the founder of Raw Steel. He understands that the success of the team lies not only in their physical strength, but in their crowd pleasing 'pro-wrestling' style. Needing some time off from his fairly reputable successes in the Tournament, he decided to move his holiday's favorite sporting hotspot to an exotic and potentially illegal hunting ground where he coincidentally happened upon the Lost Rebels and, after some initial attrition (namely the fact that he tried to shoot down Anna thinking she was a cougar, which may or may not actually be a fact*), he was informed of the unjust claims of the tyrannous BLUs and their mothers' dubious professions, in which he immediately felt no personal investment. Eager to boast his skills on fresh ground to teammates and enemies alike, as well as to make a scandalously large proceeding off of cross-contaminated commercial campaigns, Slain immediately swore in to the Lost Rebels. *The material displayed on this article comes from Southern Italian sources who claimed to be reliable at the time. As a matter of fact the author of the aforementioned article may or may not have been brutally killed during a carpet bombing of his habitation.

  • Affiliation: RED
  • Likes: working out, taunting enemies
  • Dislikes: boring people, Xan Kriegor
(AcidLead): I have never been fond of the Shock Rifle. I don't take enough time to use it properly and everyone else seems to have uncanny accuracy with it. Actually, Slain is the last person I would expect to be using a precision weapon. It must be the awesome factor of the combo attack.


HP: 120 Run Power: 0.95 M1: Instant hit laser beam. M2: Large, slow moving plasma balls Double tap Direction: Dash in the direction you're holding. Hitting the secondary fire plasma balls with the regular fire's laser beam will cause an immensely powerful shock combo explosion.


Maintain distance between your enemy to give yourself safer options. Use your secondary fire to create space.

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