Snare health

he's a bear and he loves eggo waffles (also mahjong) Contrary to popular belief, bears are not the docile kind of predators, y'know, those sissies who use outdated and unclassy methods like scratching and hitting their prays. No, grizzlies have the ability to actually bend the laws of physics at will. But while any Yogi of your local zoo can produce some minor disturbance in the force field of his surroundings, it takes hard work, dedication and an addiction to Eggos to fully control the powers of Mother Nature. Snare was found in one of the notoriously deep forests of Washington by team hunter Slain, presumably while feasting upon a maple syrup river (another notorious piece of American landscapes). Recognizing the powers of his game, Slain found out the only way to talk with this majestic creature was through the delicate art of Mah Jong matches. After a severe beating of said hunter and some friendly brawls, Snare was then promptly acknowledged as a member of the Lost Rebels.

  • Affiliation: RED
  • Likes: eggo waffles, playing Mahjong
  • Dislikes: laggy internet, forest fires
(AcidLead): What the hell?


HP: 100 Run Power: 1.08 M1: Waffle (30 damage) / Bite (200 damage) - Successful stabs heal 75 hp M2: Cloak/Uncloak Press taunt while on the ground to flip gravity. You cannot flip gravity while holding the intel. Has passive invisibility.


All of his abilities combined make Snare one of the most frightening classes to deal with. He can harass from many unexpected angles, and escape without a scratch with clever use of the gravity flip.

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