Sorceress health

from diablo 2 Now, battlefields have never been renown for being extremely women-friendly places, yet you don't need to be Sun-Tzu to understand misogyny's gonna let you live just that much when you're around the Sorceress. Raised from the tender age of 7 to pursue ultimate purity and brought to the garrisons to prove her magical prowess, this femme fatale utilizes the most civilized and peaceful methods to brutally murder her opponents (she claims it not only is totally within the rules of her clan, but it's also so much better than plain old yoga and abstinence). Were you to provoke her, good luck trying to escape by locking yourself into a bunker: she's already there.

  • Affiliation: BLU
  • Likes: pure magics, honor
  • Dislikes: blind optimists, liars
(AcidLead): Yeah. Cool teleportation ability. I think the last time I saw someone with localized rapid teleport technology I killed them by intersecting them with a wall. I've never seen her slip up though, perhaps she has a safeguard against it. (Saniman): One second I'm eating the remains of what used to be a Sunnyville Daycare Center, and the next I have a saddle on my back and there's a strange woman riding me like a horse. I had no objections to it.


HP: 100 MP: 200 Run Power: 1.09 M1: Fireball (40 damage) - costs 25 MP Down + M1: Blizzard - summons a rain of ice bolts at your location M2: Teleport - ~250 pixel range - costs 25 MP - cannot teleport while holding the intel


Abuse teleport to dodge projectiles, defend your base, get to areas quickly, and to confuse your enemy.

Red Team
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Blue Team
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Marine, Samus Aran, Rosie Stark, Richter Belmont, Dhalsim, Dr. Doom, Vault Boy, Chryssalid, Dante