Techno hud

"im am viking" Legends all across the garrisons of the planet narrate about the divine reincarnation of the greater Nordic God Technoviking, whose feats are comparable in magnitude only to his biceps. Granted the voice of an angelical being, his vikingspeech pierces through the ears of any foe unfortunate enough to survive his fierce explosive hammers. Of course all of these legends are nothing but utter fabrications of his church's extremists. No one would be able to survive Technoviking with enough facial muscles and lungs left to tell the tale afterwards.

  • Affiliation: RED
  • Likes: dancing, techno music, irregular speech
  • Dislikes: weak warriors, shaving
(AcidLead): Too bad I skipped the class in am vikingspeek. I think this is possibly the strongest warrior in the land, and I need to figure out how so I can replicate it. An army of Techno Vikings. Even better, CYBORG Techno Vikings. Hmhmhmhm. Ehm, except I don't think cyber-pec technology is advanced enough yet. Well, there's always cloning.


HP: 175 Run Power: 0.95 M1: Thor's Hammer (55 damage + bounce) - hammer's bounce on contact with an enemy up to three times (15 damage each) M2: Techno Strike (3x10 damage) - does 3x18 damage while using this during a rocketjump You can rocketjump with M1 and move while taunting. Press Q after you have filled up at least 50% of your longboat meter. You can control the longboat with gunspins in the same way as Vein's bike. CW for right, and CCW for left. Colliding with an enemy is almost always an instant death for them.


Techno Viking is one of the main tank/offensive classes , but like the regular Rocketman, he can be used well on defense. Since his chain hammers deal splash damage, they scale very well against multiple opponents. Use his Techno Strike after a rocketjump to fly great distances.

Red Team
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Blue Team
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