The Illusionist, a man(?) of mystery. Some say he escaped from Death's Tower itself, a feat known to no other man. His specialty is making you believe he's in front of you and his sword across your throat, but was he ever there? Some say he doesn't really exist, a sort of mass hallucination. But after being killed by him, you'll know how real he is. Being bored with his life, he decided to seek a new activity to whittle away the days, when he passed by a nondescript building, with a sign that said "INS HQ - Now Hiring." Never without his trusty Luger or the Mirror Image, he is a sight to be feared on the battlefield.

(AcidLead): I wasn't impressed, but since I have natural immunity to mind control and a fiendishly dominant ego it's not hard to see why WERE WE TALKING ABOUT FLOWERS.

(Dusty): Y'know what's funny? His 'Mirror Image' is an asymmetrical blade. Oh, and I think he's German. Only a German could be that polite of an asshole. (Renya): Something about the Illusionist just doesn't sit right with me. It's like he's not even trying. I feel as if he's not using his full power. If I were you, I'd steer clear of him at all costs.


HP: 120 Run Power: 1.00 M1: Luger Shot - Fires much like the vanilla spy's revolver, except with 8 shots at 25 damage each. M2: Lunge (Uses 15 Charge) - Do a quick hop forward and deal 14-70 damage, very deadly, however you're vulnerable for the duration of the animation. S+M1: Summon Void Knight (Uses 20 Charge) - Creates a phantom knight with 70 hp who runs forward, and will deal 8 damage on contact S+M2: Mirror Image Split (Uses 40 Charge) - Creates four phantoms, and the one heading in the general direction is the real you. Each phantom has 1/8 of your current hp, but will remove 1/4 if they die. They deal 15 damage on contact with an enemy.


Remember to use your Void Knights as meat shields and that the enemy doesn't know where you're aiming your Mirror Image Split!

Red Team
RebelINS, Iji, Techno Viking, Vein, Psychopath, Anna, Agh, Snare, Slain, z4 Giraffe
Blue Team
Bo Jackson, Meower, Sorceress, E. Honda, Xan Kriegor, Drool Warrior, Mojo Jojo, Maiden in Black, Commander Shepard, Saniman
Marine, Samus Aran, Rosie Stark, Richter Belmont, Dhalsim, Dr. Doom, Vault Boy, Chryssalid, Dante