Vein health

Despite his..."robust looks" would suggest otherwise, Vein is actually a skillful biker. During his spare time he's into pretty much all the regional tours and he can count numerous trophies and medals in his vast palmares, gained thanks to hard work and dedication throughout his career. The fact that he always carries his trusty minigun with him whenever he goes biking may or may not have influenced his victory rate or the total number of competitors actually making it to the finish line. The brains of the Lost Rebels, Vein is the team's strategist, being able to foresee any possible threats to his plans thanks to the arcane powers granted to him by mystical tarots known as "Uno cards".

  • Affiliation: RED
  • Likes: sandwiches, bikes, coffee, strip clubs
  • Dislikes: thieves (irony), chest-high unsurmountable trees
(AcidLead): That bike has a huge power rating. I wonder if it can be used as a weapon. Or maybe it can only be used as innuendo. Also, this is the second time I've seen someone derive sandwiches from a Rectal Storage Unit. Speaking of which I have seen way too much.


HP: 200 Run Power: 0.8 (0.3 while firing) M1: Minigun (~120 dps at optimum range). This weapon is rapid fire, if not terribly accurate. Vein can also use it while riding his bike (look ma, no hands). M2: Eat Sandwich (heals 75 hp). Beware that the sandwich has terrible attack potential and can kill most opponents outright if it doesn't humiliatingly incapacitate them for a duration and THEN kill them. Press Q to get on/off bike. Gunspin clockwise to move right, and counter clockwise to move left. Jumping is the same. When the bike flips around, that's not a surface detection bug, it's Vein doing insanely x-treem tricks.


Use your bike to get into the fray, and back out into safety to refuel with a sandwich. You can shoot very long range momentum bullets while on your bike, but it takes some practice. Vein is one of the best Red classes at grabbing the intel on open ground.

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