Xan health

Origin and identity is unknown. Various rumors exist as to who or what Xan is, the most popular rumor being that he is the man who heads up Liandri Corporation and has poured his vast wealth into building the most advanced battlesuit ever, solely for maintaining champion status in the Tournament. Whatever the case of his identity, the Neurovision spots on the Lost Rebel gladiations were a point of interest; namely, as a Tournament competitor, Slain has signed a contract that disallows him entry to any non-Tournament competition as long as he remains a Tournament competitor (read prison inmate). To retrieve him, no NEG official could be bribed enough at the time; with the Tournament in off-season, mischief is on the rise. What with Xan being fairly dormant without a proper League to crown, as well as fairly certain of success due to its previous performance, it was pointed in the direction of Slain's disappearance with one goal: force Slain's return, or not return itself.

  • Affiliation: BLU
  • Likes: perfecting his technique, Liandri Corporation
  • Dislikes: human emotion, Slain
(AcidLead): I always wanted a UT Flak Cannon. I oughtta nick it while he's not paying attention. Too bad he's always paying attention. Stupid robots.


HP: 150 Run Power: 1.0 M1: Flak Shrapnel (10x6 damage). - shrapnel can bounce off of walls M2: Flak Shell (40 damage + 12x3 damage random shrapnel) - fires in an arc Press space to dash in a direction.


The Flak Cannon is far more useful in close range combat situations. Use the dash and secondary fire to force the opponent into close range.

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